Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Dandy Lady

Name: The Dandy Lady
Gender: Female

*Note: This hairstyle can only be obtained by purchasing the More Magic! or January 2012 compilations*

*Photo Contributed by Msrednotdead


  1. Hey there!

    First of all I wanted to thank you, this is an absolutely fabulous site. I don't want to blindly buy everything EA offers so it's great to see what the hairstyles actually look like because often their preview pics are kind of useless.

    Do you know of a site that does something similar for objects from the store? Just yesterday I saw a lamp that sounded interesting, but the picture told me almost nothing. EA really needs to start showing their stuff in a better way!

    1. First of all, you're very welcome! I'm glad that the blog is helping you with your purchases! You can check out the simalogue http://www.thesimalogue.com/ for some store object pictures but I'm not sure how 'detailed' they are as the simalogue has EVERYTHING TS3 related. If you're really in need of some pictures before you purchase them and can't find them anywhere try asking for some pictures in the forums particularly in the store section as there are alot of friendly simmers in there =P If not, you can emal me as to which items you want pictures of and I'll gladly take some shots for you :)