Monday, 20 February 2012

Coming Soon!

I'm sorry for being MIA for quite some time but I'm back, definitely not as active as I used to be but I am on the process of adding all the hairstyles I've missed for a couple of months! A huge thank you goes to Msrednotdead for taking pictures of the new hairstyles that I don't have at the moment. She went above and beyond what I asked for and I'm very grateful for her help!

Also my gratitude goes to the lovely Smashbridges20 (her page is unaccessible) for gifting me the More Magic set, I am still a bit shocked with her generosity and will be using a sim I've made for her as the model for the Magic hairstyles! I also want to thank ANNAPTX for gifting me Lunar Lakes! The generosity of these simmers is just amazing and I cannot thank you all enough for all your help and support!

So, sorry for the long wait but I will definitely be working on adding the missing hairstyles tonight if not tomorrow!